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Field Support Services - Sampling, Inspection, Testing

Our company provides support to other companies; engineers, consultants, developers, construction companies, real estate professionals, etc.  If you are in need of assistance with field work we can provide the experience, equipment, and manpower when needed.  Our staff is sensitive to the needs of a primary contractor and can provide support services without consulting anyone other than the primary contractor and will act under the direction of the primary contractor only.   When needed we can provide the services your company requires including; GeoProbe work, groundwater sampling, vapor intrusion sampling, aquifer pump tests, tank sweeps, ground penetrating radar surveys, well searches with neighborhood reconnaissance, and much more.

We own a custom 5400 series GeoProbe mounted on a mini-skid loader with tracks that is capable of accessing remote locations.  We have a licensed soil borer on-staff to provide GeoProbe operation. 

Our company owns groundwater sampling equipment and has teamed up with Phoenix Environmental Laboratories ("Phoenix") to provide laboratory certified analysis of field parameters when collecting groundwater samples.  Of course this certification is good only when using Phoenix for sample analysis.

We can provide health and safety officers for long term construction or remediation projects.

Our staff is qualified to operate heavy equipment and assist in site remediation activities.

All of our staff has OSHA training with regular refresher training, and medical surveillance.

We offer competitive rates to provide a win-win-win condition throughout your project.