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Magnetometer Tank Sweep

Due diligence of residential, commercial, and industrial property may result in the question; "is there an underground storage tank (UST) on the property."  To answer this question a magnetometer is used to sweep the property for the presence of magnetic fields typically produced by underground storage tanks. 

A magnetometer functions like a metal detector, but unlike a metal detector, a magnetometer can detect ferrous metals like the steel of an underground storage tanks.  Use of a magnetometer provides a way to locate underground objects without damage to the property or structures on the property.

Results of the magnetometer survey are presented in a one page letter.  The letter will documenting that; "no underground anomalies consistent with the shape and size of an underground storage tanks were identified at the property", or the letter will describe all anomalies identified and present the location of the anomaly on a sketch.  If an anomaly consistent with the shape and size of an underground storage tank is identified further investigation will be recommend using a GeoProbe, excavator, or ground penetrating radar as appropreate.